Transition Management

The goal of a successful Transition is generally to complete the relocation and change of ownership, from one company to another of business operations, data center management, and/or hardware and services management within the defined timeline as defined in the services contract with minimal or no disruption of normal business operations.

Our transition management services assist the provider in developing, validating and managing a specific set of processes and procedures that address risk management, change management, schedule management, quality management, financial and resource controls governing the transition.

Phase Participation and Contributions:

Transition Planning

  • Participate in internal and client facing meetings regarding the transition
  • Participate in legacy and incoming partner transition discussions and meetings
  • Transition & risk mitigation plans
  • Future state delivery processes
  • Defining responsibilities matrices for Client delivery partners
  • Development of partner SOWs
  • Develop and keep current a transition plan, and managing the activities detailed in the plan
  • Organizing and chairing outsourcing transition management meetings with supplier and client

Knowledge Acquisition

  • Understanding As-Is technology and processes
  • Baseline and finalize SLAs and OLAs
  • Formulation of a gap analysis
  • Identifying ways of improving service, adding value, enhancing utilization and reducing costs in line with strategic aims and customer expectations.

Shadow Support & Start of Service

  • Obtaining temporary additional staff to assist with transition plans and activities
  • Gap Analysis
  • Process improvement and realignment
  • Change management

inoVo’s years of experience transitioning global outsourcing environments enables us to assist clients in their success and assist with the outsourcing transition management activities that occur during contract start-up and during contract termination.