Transformation & Optimization

The increasing market pressures that challenge service organizations today are driven in large part by customer mandates to lower costs. The ability to increase service profitability within an existing environment provides the service organization with the capability.

inoVo optimizes and transforms service strategies into new, innovative and productive environments that meet functional, performance, technical operations requirements, and cost constraints.

Depot Repair Operations

  • Transform – Baselining, recommending, and implementing commodity or capability expansion strategies.
  • Optimize – An analysis of historical costs, process and client expectations to re-engineer repair line flows as a means to lower total service costs.

IT Service Management

  • Transform – An analysis of cost, process and client expectations to determine the viability of utilizing and implementing alternative service delivery methodologies as a means to lower total service costs.
  • Optimize – The identification of opportunities to increase resource utilization, improve logistics processes, and re-engineering of solutions to improve margins.