Relocation & Shutdown

inoVo is focused on managing the relocation of office computer equipment, network infrastructure & data centers and the removal of legacy IT assets & facilities infrastructure. We are able to provide our customers with services that support the entire project lifecycle from establishing the strategy to implementing the systems, through to transferring systems into the new environment.


From a system across a room to a data center in another geography, once your systems are powered down, inoVo provides the services:

  • Unrack/deinstall your devices and rails
  • Package & transportation to the new site
  • Install your systems at the end location
  • Testing and validation according to pre-move checklists, leaving systems installed, fully operational and ready for use


  • Unrack/deinstall your devices
  • Package & transportation to customer or inoVo facilities

Having had the experience of working alongside some of the worlds most technologically advanced and innovative companies, we understand the importance of establishing a collaborative approach to maintaining the availability of business services and will actively participate with your teams through this period of change, ensuring that there is minimal impact on on-going business operations.