Ensuring that an enterprise-wide Information Technology project is successfully implemented is more complex than ever. The project will be impacted by a number of significant factors, some of which will add major complexities to the project.

Our process focuses on meeting the two key challenges:

  • Reducing impacts, disruption and cost through effective organization and business change management
  • Efficient deployment of information systems and technology to a diverse and geographical distributed organization

Our on-site installation teams:

  • Verify that pre-installation service prerequisites are met
  • Schedule delivery of your service at a mutually agreeable time
  • Install the product
  • Run appropriate tests and diagnostics to ensure correct product installation
  • Provide the user with product orientation

On-Site Hardware Installation

  • Unpacking of equipment
  • Connection of power cords and networking cables
  • High-quality setup, configuration and deployment by certified technicians
  • Initial power-on tests to ensure equipment is functioning
  • Installation of various hardware components
  • Integration with existing network and systems

On-Site Software Installation

Our Software Installation service makes the process hassle-free. We can assist with installation and configuration of new, off-the-shelf software programs including productivity solutions, utilities, operating systems, antivirus and security programs and many others.