The need to keep pace with quickly changing technology has increased pressure and created conflict among priorities within highly leveraged IT departments. Our teams deliver commoditized projects with experienced support engineers and qualified personnel that fill the gaps to accomplish a wide variety of IT related tasks.


Our proprietary project tool set interfaces directly with client systems and provides real-time visibility, tracking, document capture and reporting. The client side of the portal is easy to use, graphically enhanced, and data driven, enabling project and work flow management processes. It can track assets, touch points, software, and application instances throughout the term of the project.

Full system setup including pre-configuration, on-site installation, and personalization are provided using professional engineers to fully test all elements of the solution to ensure full system functionality.

Service providers often need to baseline and validate client environments for effective support and refresh planning. InoVo has provided physical asset audit services across The Americas counting over 165,000 assets year to date.

A structured cabling system provides a foundational platform upon which an overall IT infrastructure is strategically built. We design and build flexible cabling infrastructures – structured cabling systems that support multiple voice, data, video, and security systems regardless of their manufacturer.

inoVo has managed a wide range of IT asset relocations from nationwide moves to smaller same-building repositioning. We oversee the de-installation, packaging, moving, and re-installation of the assets.