Partner Ecosystems

As global markets open up, the emphasis on Rest of World support strategies become critical for competitive advantages; companies need to be increasingly creative about how and with whom they align. Multi-regional growth strategies compel companies to rely heavily on partnerships to extend their technical and operational resources. In the process, they save time and boost productivity by not having to internally develop them for internal, single use purposes. Two leading challenges service providers face are driven in large part by customer mandates to lower costs and the pressures of the demand for national and global expansion of service delivery capabilities.

Our Partner Ecosystem Solution focuses on best fit, strategic partners so customers can benefit from more established channels of distribution, incremental services, geographic coverage, and cost reduction opportunities.

  • Regional and global expansion strategies
  • Partner identification, qualification and contracting
  • Contractual, financial and operating frameworks
  • Design and implementation of e-bonding infrastructure
  • Ecosystem stabilization, management and transformation


If executed properly, growth through Rest of World support strategies can give organizations the opportunity to follow customers into new markets, take advantage of emerging market growth rates where transaction volume has increased at a rate of 25% year over year and gain access to larger infrastructure opportunities.